Top 5 Heavy Duty Garage Door Springs to Choose From

by Andrea

Springs are the most crucial part of a garage door because a door can’t be functional without them. These springs help the garage door roll up and release down by maintaining the tension level.

Whether you are thinking about buying a garage door or trying to repair the old one, choosing the right pair of springs will solve half of your task. The heavy duty garage door springs can make the doors efficient and quick while uplifting.

But the primary concern of many buyers is how to get the high-quality springs?

Countless spring options are available in the market, but choosing one is quite intimidating as you are unaware of how they will work.

But to resolve this problem, this article will provide you with a list of the top 5 garage door springs based on the customer’s reviews and selling rates.

You can choose any one of them based on your requirement and budget.

Top 5 Garage Door Springs of 2022

1. Bestar Powder-Coated Springs

Powder-coated torsion springs are the latest one in the market that is becoming popular rapidly. The powder coating makes these springs corrosion and rust-resistant, which ultimately increases their life.

In garage door springs, the rusting of steel is the major cause of spring dysfunctioning, so these coated springs are used in commercial and residential garage doors.

Other than prolonged life, these springs are durable and visually appealing.

2. Bestar Zinc-Galvanized Torsion Spring

The zinc-galvanized springs are a better version of galvanized springs in which the springs are coated with multiple steel-zinc alloy layers to enhance their corrosion and rust resistance.

These springs are usually used in commercial garage doors as they need more durable and long-lasting springs than residential ones.

You’ll get a huge range of spring lengths with 1.7” to 2” diameters. Measure your required spring diameter and length before ordering.

3. ZhenT Coated Torsion Springs

ZhenT oil-tempered torsion springs are a great replacement for your old and dysfunctional garage door springs. These springs are specially designed for the residential garage doors that are 7 to 8 inches high.

ZhenT torsion springs are designed for more than 10,000 door uplifting cycles of 7.5 lbs weight door. The springs come up with stationery and winding cones. The diameter of springs is 2” with approximately 20” in length.

4. DURA-LIFT Springs

DURA-LIFT doubled looped coated steel springs are designed for heavy-weight garage doors of up to 170lbs. These springs can be sued for both residential and commercial garage doors.

A pack of two springs comes up with one year warranty and complete corrosion and rust-resistant coating. With a coiled length of more than 25,” these springs are very easy to install, sturdy, and long-lasting.

5. SS Store Springs

SS oil-tempered garage door springs have been used for residential doors for many years. These springs are known for their flexible yet durable nature.

No matter which type of door you have, you can use these springs to avoid corrosion and efficient working. The SS springs are accessible in pair with an extra winding bar and nylon busing that will make the installation process easier.

The 3-years warranty on these springs will make it convenient to return them it not functioning correctly.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for new garage door springs, the above-mentioned list will surely be beneficial for you. All the products in the list are reliable, durable, long-lasting, and most buyers’ number one choice.

You place your order on the official website of these brands as well as on online stores including Amazon, Walmart,  Alibaba, and many others.

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