Boeing’s First European Manufacturing Plant Starts in Sheffield, UK

by Andrea

Boeing has opened up its first ever manufacturing facility in Europe in the form of a 40-million pound plant in south UK’s Sheffield city. The plant is located near Rotherham and has a total of 52 employees in its 6,200 square-metre factory.

Boeing said it will be making components for 737 and 767 passenger jets at the new UK operation, with plans to produce thousands of parts each month which will be shipped to the US for assembly.

The new facility is situated alongside the University of Sheffield’s Factory 2050, and is part of its Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). The company has also initiated a major new research programme with the AMRC to develop new manufacturing techniques that can be applied to the new Boeing Sheffield facility.

Boeing said they appreciate the support they have received from the community. Jenette Ramos, Boeing Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Operations said “This is a fabulous example of how we are engaging global talent to provide greater value to our customers.”

“This has been a dream day for all of us. Twenty-years ago we went knocking on the doors of Boeing in St Louis believing that if we kissed enough frogs one day we would find a prince. Boeing is that prince,” said AMRC Executive Director and founder Adrian Allen.

“It’s excellent news that Boeing has opened its first European factory here in the Sheffield City Region,” said Dan Jarvis, Mayor of the Sheffield City Region.

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