4 Best Developer ARM Boards You Can Buy Today

by Andrea

Single-board computers are the new norm due to their compact nature, versatility, and power-saving nature. These developer ARM boards have many uses due to their form factor. They also come priced differently. For instance, computers such as the Raspberry Pi development platform are quite pocket friendly. In contrast, others like the Snapdragon 888 hardware development kit might require you to spend a little more to get them. Whichever your needs are, plenty of single-board computers can cater to your every need.

Developer arm boards you can currently buy in our store

Whereas these developer ARM boards might come in different shapes and sizes, figuring which one fits your bill might get challenging. Here is a list of the best four developer ARM boards you can purchase right now.

Developer Board 8 (Snapdragon SD820E)

This single-board computer looks compact at 100mm in length, 85mm wide, and weighs under 82 grams. The computer is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820E and packs quite a punch. This single-board computer has the powerful Qualcomm Adreno 530 GPU embedded on its board, giving it excellent stunning visual capabilities while consuming little power. The board also incorporates ports such as HDMI, and USB 2.0, among others.

SBC with Wi-Fi Bluetooth GigE (XPI-3288)

The RK3288 ARM single board computer is another powerful Developer ARM Board that can handle multiple functions. The computer comes with a Raspberry Pi form factor and an ARM Mali T764 GPU capable of handling 2 GB of DDR RAM. Additionally, it comes with a Cortex A17 quad-core processor and Ethernet USB (micro), and Bluetooth enabled. You can get this computer with the WIFI option too.

Jetson AGX Xavier

This single board computer is one of the most powerful units from NVIDIA, thanks to its ARM v8.2 possessor (8 cores) and a 512 core Volta GPU. The single-board computer also comes with artificial intelligence accelerators making it most suitable for robotics and machine learning. The board comes equipped with 32GB RAM and 32 eMMC storage HDMI 2.0, among other outputs. It’s important to note that this developer ARM board might be a little bit pricey due to its specifications.

Mini Industrial Embedded SBC (XPI-iMX8MM)

The Geniatech NXP single-board computer is another powerful single board computer with a Raspberry form factor capable of multiple functions. The board comes with between 2 to 8GB RAM and up to 64GB storage. It comes with ports such as an SD card, HDMI out, Ethernet, USB 2.0, and USB type C. This type of computer is best suited for commercial or industrial applications due to its processing speed.


These boards may be small, but they handle strenuous tasks that other computers might not. There are other multiple developer ARM boards that carry out different functions not listed above but available on our listing. The key to figuring out the best computer board for you is to know what you intend to do with it. You will find many computer boards in our store and feel free to check all the specifications and buy what meets your needs.

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